Terrace Acres Baptist Church – A church in White Settlement, Texas.
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Why We Give

From the Old Testament tithe to the New Testament model of generosity and sacrifice, giving is characteristic of God’s followers. It’s a reminder to us that God owns everything and that we are his money managers, directed to invest God’s money in things that last (Matthew 6:19-21). As we give in faith, our affections are redirected to Jesus and his kingdom and we support the work of ministry in our city and world.

Where Does My Tithe Go

We are deeply committed to being wise stewards of the finances entrusted to us by God. Our budget reflects the priorities and focus of our church. This means the budget is dedicated to:

  • ministry that is focused on lifting up the name of Jesus
  • generously serving the most vulnerable in our city and world
  • starting new churches to reach new people

We dedicate 20% of our budget to outreach activities, the majority of which goes to support outside ministries doing kingdom work in our city and world. Contact us using the form below for a copy of the church budget and additional details.

How To Give

  1. Online: You can give online by debit card, credit card or by direct debit from your checking or savings account. Giving by credit card reduces your donation by the amount of the credit card fee, so we encourage you to consider giving regularly by direct debit.

  2. In Person: You can always give by cash or check. We have a time of giving during each Sunday gathering, or you can mail checks to:

Terrace Acres Baptist Church
632 North Las Vegas Trl
Fort Worth, TX 76108

Please do not mail cash